Our Teas

Pot € 6,– | Glass € 2.70 | Glass refill € 1,–


  • Lapsang soushong: Smoky tea of chinese origin that has gained it’s flavor through the drying process over burning cypress bork and needles.

  • Darjeeling in between Margaret’s hope: A north Indian black tea with a fresh, yet nutty flavor.

  • Earl grey: An aromatic black tea with bergamot, adding light citrus notes.

  • Haagsche Heren: A classic english afternoon tea; earl grey with a smoky touch.

  • Lotus: An aromatic and sweet black tea with lotus petals.


  • Tin Kuan yin oolong: Sweet, floral, soft and delicate, high-quality green oolong.

  • Silky oolong: A creamy oolong that is simoultauniously fruity, giving it an unique flavor palet.


  • Yunnan vert: Green Chinese tea with an herbal and floral lightnees.

  • Jasmine pearls: High-quality, hand-rolled jasmine tea with a classic delicate jasmine taste.

  • Verde Sevilla: Green tea with an herbal mixture of maté, pepermint, lemongrass, lemon peel, apple, safflower and mallow blossoms.

  • Genmaicha: Japanese green tea mixed with puffed rice, this tea is considered a specialty in Japan.


  • White dragon: A mix of silver needles and soft green tea originated in the Chinesse Highlands. Delicate and sweet in taste.

HERBAL TEA - Refill not possible

  • Rooibos Zoulou: Rooibos tea infused with cinamon, cardemom, cloves, pink pepper, vanilla and orange.

  • Mooie dromen: An herbal infusion of melissa, pepermint and sage leaves; rose and camomile blossoms; fennel, lemongrass, cardemon, nutmeg and currants.

  • Dropchoc: An infusion of cacao peel, staranis, and liquorice.


  • Champagne: Floral, delicate and of course with bubbles

  • Jasmine green tea: With lemon and ginger